The Creative Muse Hour


plus -  Carl's Cozy Corner Cafe    

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Toni Koch and Carl Percival are the co-producerss of "The Creative Muse Hour", a live stream video program which focuses on presenting talent to share "art and music in all it's diversity!". 

Carl's Cozy Corner Cafe, in Porter Ranch for one night each month presents an evening of music under the stars with talented guests and friends who are featured plus we have a song circle after the featured sets.

Why Creative Muse Hour Events ?  Why Carl's Cozy Corner Cafe ?

We want to bring people together to enjoy the music we make & if we can get you further into the music charts, further up the ladder of success, yes we will be even more joyful.

Help us help you, use what we are giving you, exploit what we are creating.



For the latest Creative Muse Hour or Carl's Cozy Corner Cafe announcements please visit our facebook page at:

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